Third Life

by High aura'd



Third Life is a single 25 minute track of aquatic heaven. So fucking beautiful. Mostly guitar oriented, High Aura’d makes washes of tones that shimmer pure gold. It’s the sound of floating underwater, totally immersed, face up and watching the sun dance. It’s enormous and slow moving, perfectly suited for the life of a bottom feeder. The whole world is open to you yet you’re happy to chill in your little bubble, giving yourself the opportunity to watch the universe quietly pass by.

Chill bliss, psych euphoria, full bodied gorgeousness, these are mere words compared to the ineffable transience that is Third Life. I have no idea what’s next on High Aura’d's plate, nor if they even have any previous releases, but if this near-EP length disc is any indication of their future, obviously Boston just won the experimental music scene award. AGAIN.


released November 16, 2010



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High aura'd Ohio

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